Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 Announced for PC, Gets New Screenshots

Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 Announced for PC, Gets New Screenshots

A new World War II strategy game from Graviteam was announced today. Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 will release on Steam in May 2017.

Graviteam announced today their latest World War II strategy game, Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943. Alongside the announcement of the game, we also received some screenshots to share, which can be seen below. The game is scheduled to release in May, however a specific release date has not been shared at the moment.

Graviteam CEO Vladimir Zayarniy had this to say regarding the upcoming strategy game:

“Set in North Africa during the Tunisian campaign in World War II, one of World War II’s most intense conflicts and offers real-time and turn-based strategy options, making it perfect for hardcore strategy fans, World War II enthusiasts and history buffs. We dedicated a lot of time, energy and passion into offering a painstaking level of realism and detail in all of our units and battle scenarios, and for the first time are featuring US military battling against Axis forces.”

Graviteam has also shared a description of Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943:

Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 offers two ways to play, with both turn-based and real-time strategy options, each featuring unparalleled levels of realism with adaptive soldier behavior and complex vehicle damage for more than 50 detailed vehicles created between Germany, U.S and the U.K. Players can choose between the Allied and Axis soldiers to relive the Tunisian Campaign and experience this ambitious and historically accurate tank warfare game.

Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 is scheduled to launch in May 2017 on PC via Steam. More details on the game including a trailer will be given later on in the month.