TapouT Partners with Tekken for Clothing Line

TapouT Partners with Tekken for Clothing Line

TapouT today announced a clothing line deal with Namco Bandai to make co-branded T-shirts. The t-shirts will be Tekken 6 inspired and be available both in real life and in-game. This is te first clothing deal that Namco Bandai has ever ventured into, but they could not have chosen a hotter company than TapouT to ensure success. Right now MMA is red hot and TapouT is a major factor in the recent explosion of the UFC and MMA. With a fall release for the video game this is great publicity for Namco. Look for them to be available this September.

TapouT is taking its brand into the videogame market through a new multi-year partnership with game developer Namco Bandai Games. The companies announced a new alliance today at Comic-Con 2009 in San Diego.


As part of the agreement, TapouT will design five co-branded T-shirts, which will appear as in-game customization options for characters in “Tekken 6,” the latest installment of Namco’s popular fighting game franchise. In addition to outfitting their “Tekken 6” fighters, players and fans will be able to wear their own Tekken 6 TapouT gear.

Co-branded T-shirts will be available for purchase. Five TapouT-branded Tekken 6 shirt designs for men and women will be released in September through TapouT’s network of specialty retailers and on www.tapout.com.

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