Target Selling Repackaged PS4 Consoles for $280

Target Selling Repackaged PS4 Consoles for $280

If you want to get a PS4 but you don’t want to spend the whole $399 pricetag, Target may have a deal for you.

According to Reddit user That1one_guy, that works at the retailer, the price for repackaged PS4s has been dropped at Target to $280, which is a hell of a deal, even if you consider that the machine has been in other hands before.

If you want one, though, you need to be lucky and to make sure you ask for that specific deal:

The only way to know is to look for the small red label. They kind of hide them so you buy the full price ones but if you ask they’ll tell you if they have a repackage.

If you’re worried about the console’s conditions, you can still buy the two year return deal (repackaged consoles normally come with 30 days), and still spend quite a lot less than a new one.