Tasty Treats Competitive Mode Release Date Announced

Tasty Treats Competitive Mode Release Date Announced

The mobile match-3 combinations game is getting a new mode to encourage competition amongst each players' high scores.

Developer Avid.ly has announced that its mobile match-3 combination game Tasty Treats will soon receive a new gameplay mode that allows players to compete against one another.

According to the developer, Tasty Treats’ new mode will release on April 21 for both its iOS and Android versions. It will provide new levels for players to earn boosts and then challenge other players’ scores based on their overall rank. Winning these challenges will grant players with additional treats.


In Tasty Treats, players must complete a variety of challenges over the course of the game, such as clearing all candy from the screen, achieving a high score, or even guiding a fairy’s journey home. With over 200 levels already in the game, Avid.ly plans to continue supporting it with regular content updates.

If you’re new to Tasty Treats, check it out on Google Play or the App Store.