For Anyone Who Still Cares, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Dated and Priced for US

For Anyone Who Still Cares, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Dated and Priced for US


Street Fighter fans rejoice. The long awaited Arcade Edition update to Super Street Fighter IV is finally confirmed for consoles. We’ve been anticipating the release of the update for consoles since it hit Japanese arcades late last year. As it turns out, we haven’t been waiting in vain and Capcom is going to make the money after all! Hadouken!

This huge DLC will include the four new characters: Evil Ryu, Oni, Yun and Yang, as well as a number of enhancements to the already super turbo replay channel. AE will be sold as a consummate retail disc and as DLC via PSN and Xbox Live, the latter of which will only cost $15.

You might wonder how this will affect players who choose not to buy the update. Because you can’t just give $15 away nowadays right? A free update released alongside AE will allow SSFIV players to battle with others who have purchased the DLC. This means you will be able to battle against the four new characters, though you won’t be able to play as them. See me after the break for more details. Less you’re chicken that is.


Additionally, if you don’t buy the update you’ll also miss out on the opening and closing story videos for the new characters, balance tweaks, enhanced replay channel and endless battle features as well as the new costumes. That’s actually a lot more Street Fighter for $15. In case you still haven’t had your fill after all this time. Did I mention that a PC version will be hitting later in the year? Spinning Bird Kick!

The biggest battle of all however will take place between myself and Community Manager Francois Chang over which of us will be smacking down the review for this beast. Will my Ibuki hold it down? Or perhaps his Adon’s anti-air strikes will take it. Will people spend even more money on Street Fighter IV, or are they fed up? My God it’s exciting.

So when is all this going down? The DLC version of Arcade Edition will launch on June 7th and the disc version will follow on or near June 24th. The price point for the retail disc will apparently “Not break the bank”. I stopped caring a while ago, but now I care again. Shoryureppa!!