Taxinaut Looks Relaxing and Oddly Interesting in Newest Gameplay Video

Taxinaut Looks Relaxing and Oddly Interesting in Newest Gameplay Video

Pick-up DNA peddlers, prostitutes, and lawyers and take them around the galaxy in your space-cab in Taxinaut.

One-man developer MOSGROM has released a brand-new trailer for his game, Taxinaut.

Taxinaut is described as a casual exploration game where you explore space from the comfort of a taxi spaceship. In it, you play as a cabbie, who “knows his way around,” and who seeks out difficult to find destinations that passengers are willing to pay a little extra for.

Whether you’re flying through glamorous entertainment planets or ancient abandoned landfills, you will meet a variety of characters, including: business-men, prostitutes, pushers, DNA peddlers, cyborg zombies, corrupt politicians, and many more. The more passengers you fly through alien outlands or tightly controlled administrative centers, the more “Vudu,” a “soul energy” currency used throughout the galaxy, you earn.

An official description continues:

Experience an assortment of effects on your physical and mental condition, your cab and your Vudu and suffer or benefit from them by using items, affiliations and the supernatural. Things like: Hunger, tiredness, infatuation, disease, engine-trouble, effects from foods and other consumeables, membership, permits, weapons and personality traits.

The game notably takes place within an open-world galaxy of thousands of stars, with an average of three explorable planets that feature hand-crafted enviroments. Further, it boasts that there is no complicated stats, inventory management, buying or crafting: mostly, everything boils down to how much Vudu you make and spend.

Taxinaut is in development for PC, slated to release sometime next year. Below, you can check out the new, aforementioned video: