TBH w/ JHB Drops a New Episode With 100T Kyedae & SEN TenZ

By Frankie Clarke

September 8, 2021

JhbTeam the infamous 100T intern drops 14th video in his awkward interview series TBH w/ JHB.

Who is JhbTeam? Well, we’ve got you covered! Jhb is 100Thieves’ infamous and self-proclaimed “social video editor intern guy” who started out making a name for himself as a video editor for former 100T members Froste and Avalanche and through his series of awkward Omegle videos on his own YouTube Channel.

From this growth and friendships within the inner 100T’s circle, Jhb got invited to become an intern for the organisation during the launch of their main office compound and has recently been promoted to a full-time employee.

Valorant | Uncover Fracture Official Map Teaser

Valorant | Uncover Fracture Official Map Teaser

What is TBH w/ JHB?

With the success of Jhb’s Omegle videos prior to his hiring, it made sense for him to get his own series on the Offical 100 Thieves YouTube Channel, seeing the creation of TBH w/ JHB. Jhb kept his original concept of awkward interviews but with a twist, instead of it being random strangers on the internet it became some of the biggest names instead, with star guests such as the 100T Founder and CEO himself Nadeshot.

For his 14th episode in the series, Jhb invited on another of 100T’s own, Kyedae, a content creator who is almost breaching 1 million followers on Twitch. And TenZ, Kayedae’s boyfriend and not to mention, the star player on the World Champion Sentinels VALORANT squad.

In this episode, Jhb kept his signature jokingly uncomfortable atmosphere whilst attempting to ask questions to first Kyedae and then TenZ alongside. The first joke trying to play off Kyedae’s name, “why not Kyenight?” to which it earned zero laughs and a less than impressed look as she has most likely heard that one too many a time.

Later in the episode, TenZ joins and is seated with both Jhb and Kyedae, to only be asked one question by Jhb and then forced to enact a scene that was meant to parallel how he and Kyedae first met back in school to give Jhb date pointers.

All-in-all it was another great look into how Jhb’s humour bounces off of his coworkers amazingly well, ignore the fact Producer Gabe made him apologise more than once and gave us a small look into how and what Kyedae and TenZ are up to and how they met!

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