Tchia Is an Open-World Adventure Where You Can Possess a Coconut

Tchia Is an Open-World Adventure Where You Can Possess a Coconut

Take control of a dog, or even a crab as you explore a physics-driven island.

During The Game Awards 2020 last week, Tchia was revealed. A cute looking open-world game from developer Awaceb, set on a tropical island. The official trailer that went live last week confirms that the game is coming to Stadia and PC through Steam.

Player’s take control of the titular protagonist, a young character who is on a fictional exotic island that is inspired by the real New Caledonia island that can be found in the Pacific Ocean. This island is the homeland of the studio’s co-founders, and so the landscapes, cultures, music, languages, folklores, and traditions have all been used as inspiration to create the fictional world for players to explore.

The story focuses on an adventure with a range of NPC characters that the player can interact with. You’ll be able to freely explore the island by jumping and gliding. There’s also a free climbing mechanic that is said to allow players to climb anything in the world. There’s also a boat that can be customized, and there’s even a fully playable ukulele that seems to take inspiration from the guitar playing mechanic from The Last of Us Part 2. Playing this instrument can be for fun, or it can trigger story moments, attract creatures, and even control the weather apparently.

Tchia also has a magical mechanic in which it allows players to take control of over 30 animals and “hundreds of objects”. Each one should allow you to use their unique abilities to travel to areas you may not be able to reach without their help. the game is said to be physics-driven, which you can see examples of in the trailer above. Players climb trees that flop around and fruit rolls about realistically.

Tchia doesn’t have a specified release date as of yet but will be launching on PC and Google Stadia when it does launch.