Team 17 Announces New Worms Title Coming in 2020

Worms makes its return after a four-year-long hiatus.

Team 17, the UK publishing company behind OvercookedMoving Out, and Yooka-Laylee certainly has a type when it comes to games. Its titles are wacky, irreverent, and more often than not just simple, baseline fun. And while Team 17 is already putting out some impressive titles this year it clearly wasn’t enough, as the publisher has just announced that a new Worms game will also be launching this year.

Revealed through a tweet earlier today, all we know so far is that this Worms title will be coming in 2020. The tweet features a short video of other previous Worms titles as a kind of homage before the camera zooms out showing it on an old tube-tv. A worm then jumps in with a bat and smashes it before smacking away a grenade and finally being blown up by a holy-hand-grenade. Yes, it seems like the team behind this Worms title remember the game’s roots but also want to explore past them.

Worms is a series with history under its belt to put it lightly. The franchise started back in 1995 with the simple title Worms, which was also developed and published by Team 17. Since then the series has had 21 other titles, all with their own unique twists. For a brief period, Worms ditched its 2D look for 3D, and in Worms W.M.D, vehicles made an appearance.

That’s not to say that this title isn’t going to feature its own twists or gimmicks. The announcement tweet from Team 17 has a line that reads, “New Worms, new ways to play.” Naturally, we have no idea what that means right now, but fans should certainly expect something different this time around. Team 17 is keeping details on the title to itself but more will be coming soon. Until then you can check out a trailer for Moving Out, Team 17’s latest title, down below.

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