Team Bondi Is No More

In a move that surprises no one, Team Bondi has closed its development doors amidst scandal and controversy over the unethical working conditions forced upon the development team by boss Brendan McNamara. Striking a deal with KMM productions, a company that is owned by George Miller, creator of the Mad Max franchise.

According to rumor, the acquisition as a result of bankruptcy on Team Bondi’s part. Rockstar is reportedly keeping the L.A. Noire IP, but have yet to announce any plans on what they intend to do with the franchise. All remaining staff at Team Bondi have either been offered positions within the KMM infrastructure or have been offered a severance package, although how generous that package is is currently unknown.

Brenden McNamara is also rumored to be joining KMM and will likely be reunited with his former development team, for better or worse. Of course, Team Bondi is far from the only company to treat its development team like farm animals and certainty there are workers treated much worse in other industries, but that still doesn’t make what they did right. It’s only wrong if you get caught, and unfortunately, Team Bondi did just that and suffered the consequences.


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