Team Fortress 2: Birds…EVERYWHERE

on June 19, 2011 4:50 PM

If you’ve been playing Team Fortress 2 recently, you’ll notice that all of the maps have been populated by an unusual occurence: birds. As if they were migrating for the summer, flocks of white doves have been spotted in many of the classic maps, randomly perching near capture points or doing other birdly things.

Now it looks like the birds have invaded the Team Fortress homepage, and certainly created a huge mess. Even curiouser, though, is that you can click on the birds in the header, which will lead to pictures of various hospital related scenery. To most TF2-heads, this can only mean one thing: we finally get a “Meet the Medic” video. However, considering how Valve likes doing things, it’s possible we could get even more than just that.

Damn you Valve for your superb ninja marketing; it always drives me back into your warm, slightly ruthless arms.

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