Team Fortress 2 Enters Open Beta... Wait, What?

What’s going on here? A beta for a game that was released over three years ago? Yes, it’s true. In an attempt to get more playtesting data and be able to tweak and balance the game more frequently, Valve has announced that, starting today, all owners of the fabulously popular hat sim will be able to download a beta client via Steam. They plan on using the beta to test things like tweaks to items, weapons, and classes, map alterations, as well as weirder experimental stuff. For example: how would TF2 play if everyone’s health was doubled? The beta may answer that question.

So if you own TF2, the beta client should already be listed as an installable game in your Steam games library. Right off the bat, you’ll be testing out three different variants of the Heavy’s Natascha, as well as some changes to cp_granary and a five-point version of cp_gorge. Check out the TF blog for a full list of changes in this beta, as well as a helpful FAQ.

Now get out there and get testing! It’s for the greater good.

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Danl Haas

Danl is a home-grown Minnesotan gamer, artist, and programmer. He loves rhythm games, RTS, and platformers. He loves building computers, too. His favorite games include Phoenix Wright, Dance Dance Revolution, and Katamari Damacy.

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