Team Fortress 2: The Uber Update, Day Two

on June 22, 2011 10:00 AM

It’s another day closer to Thursday, which means another revelation about Team Fortress 2′s Uber Update. This time, we celebrate “Timbuk Tuesday”, and receive new item sets for the Demoman and Sniper classes. The Demoman’s new set in particular look mighty beneficial for those going close combat with the ‘splosion-happy Scotsman.

Additionally, if you do some digging around, you’ll also notice a new Scout pack as well. The most notable item from it looks to be The Atomizer, a new bat that’ll allow the Scout to triple jump. Combined with the Force-A-Nature, we might have the first playable character in the history of vidjagames to have a quadruple jump ability. I can’t wait to see how that ability will break some of the classic maps.

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