Team Fortress 2's Newest Update Is Pretty Significant, Even If It Is Hatless

By Allen Park

April 15, 2011

While Valve’s OTHER game is getting all sorts of ridiculous with hints that it may be releasing early, thanks to the Potato Sack ARG, a sizable update’s been released for their multiplayer orgy Team Fortress 2. Dubbed “The Hatless Update”, this one doesn’t add anything specific for any of the classes, but it does add some nifty features, including a Coaching mode, where you’ll be matched up with a more experienced TF2er (like me) and tethered to them while they provide direct tips and tricks to you.

Additionally, there’s been a bevy of nerfs and buffs for various weapons, the vast majority of which I’ve never heard, even though I’m a regular player of TF2. One of the more significant changes appears to be the added ability of an airblast to the Pyro’s Backburner, while simultaneously reducing the bonus crit damage on other players. I’ve heard other peeps raging about it on Twitter, but personally, it’s a nerf more than a buff, I think.  See the complete changes here, and if you’re man enough to challenge me, hit me up on Steam!

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