Team ICO’s Producer Left Sony to Make Facebook Games

Team ICO’s Producer Left Sony to Make Facebook Games

Last week Team ICO lost producer Yoshifusa Hayama. Hayama left Sony and  The Last Guardian to work for London-based social games developer Bossa Studios. In a roundtable discussion with Eurogamer, he explained that there is no social game that everyone considers a masterpiece across the board and none that are universally loved — a sentiment prevalent in console gaming.

“The problem is there’s no game that everyone loves. We need a masterpiece in Facebook – and that’s my goal,” he stated. “When I started making console games it was the same feeling. “The entertainment industry is simple – the film industry is the same. No-one cared about video, but now it’s all about DVD and Blu-ray. Markets always change – and I just don’t want to join after the markets change.”

Of the growing market for social games, Hayama expressed his belief that its growth isn’t slowing anytime soon. “The market is growing up. It’s just a matter of software. It’s getting better, but we need that masterpiece.”

“It’s a great team,” he said of Team ICO. “I still miss them and they’re really nice people. I miss them and I miss everyone, and it’s one of the greatest teams I’ve worked with.”

Hayama would not say how far along The Last Guardian is in production, but at the rate the team is disintegrating we may see more delays coming its ways.