Team Liquid and Marvel Partner Together with New Merchandise

Team Liquid and Marvel Partner Together with New Merchandise

This Quantum Realm jersey, in particular, looks excellent.

Announced recently to coincide with this week’s League of Legends Rift Rivals event, current NA LCS champion Team Liquid has now partnered with Marvel for a new line of merchandise based on some of the comic book publisher’s most popular characters.

As of now on Team Liquid’s official website, three new jerseys and a t-shirt are all available for purchase, each with their own distinct look. Worn by Team Liquid members on-stage yesterday at Rift Rivals, the Captain America jersey is meant to mirror the look of the iconic hero’s suit that he wears. In addition, there is also an Iron Man jersey that looks like the red armor of Tony Stark.

Lastly, and by far the cleanest looking, in my opinion, is the Quantum Realm jersey. This is the uniform that some of the Avengers wore in the recently released Avengers: Endgame film just a few months back. As for the t-shirt, it’s just a simple design featuring both the Marvel and Team Liquid logo combined.

This marks the first time that Marvel has ever teamed up with a gaming company of this kind to make merchandise like this. Part of why Team Liquid was likely able to score this partnership over esports organizations is because Disney has previously invested in the company. Because of this, the door was likely open to future crossovers like this being a possibility. Plus, this move continues to show Marvel’s dedication in the gaming space, which has been a greater focus for the company over the past few years.

If you’d like to see more of this merchandise, you can check out the video below showing off some of the organization’s players wearing the gear. And if you want to snag any of it for yourself, it’s all available for sale on Team Liquid’s site right now.