Team Ninja Clarifies “Fighting Game Entertainment”

Team Ninja Clarifies “Fighting Game Entertainment”

When Dead or Alive 5 was finally officially announced, Team Ninja Boss Yosuke Hayashi said that the title would provide “Fighting Entertainment”, unlike other fighters on the market. Most people assumed that this meant the studio had reached a new precedent in boob physics, but that isn’t what Hayashi-san meant. He said that some of the earliest fighting games (Street FighterII was mentioned) provided a certain kind of show or spectacle that fighters released nowadays have eschewed.

A relevant part of DOA5‘s special breed of fighting game entertainment will be the interactive stages, an element the series is known for. Hayashi-san explained:

“So in the past [Dead or Alive] games, most of the dangers were fixed, set areas on the stage that you can knock your opponent into — and they were just set there, the stage didn’t change a whole lot. If you watch the video from our press event, you can see the entire stage changing and taking a different shape, and all sorts of chaos happening.”

The stage dynamics in the reveal trailer were certainly something that caught my eye; you’ll notice I mentioned them in this editorial. I’m glad to see Team Ninja focusing on improving something rather than changing it, which unfortunately doesn’t seem to be the case with Ninja Gaiden III. I’m very excited to see what else comprises this fighting entertainment. Perhaps we shouldn’t rule out highly advanced boob physics just yet. DOA5 will be available on PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime next year.