Team Ninja Further Clarifies "Fighting Game Entertainment"

There’s been a fair amount of controversy surrounding Team Ninja and the glorious “Fighting Game Entertainment” promises they’ve been making with Dead or Alive 5. Fighting fans want to know if that means that more focus will be put on wowing players with pyrotechnics and sex appeal than on crafting a solid competitive fighting game. Team Ninja acknowledges that the term might seem negative but that they have no intention on making anything less than a great fighter. Team Ninja Boss Yosuke Hayashi said:

Yes, we do understand the term has a bit of a negative connotation. We’re sure some people will hear “fighting entertainment” and think we’re just trying to put together some lame fighting game with no depth whatsoever. I assure you, that is not our intention. We have the base for DoA already as a solid fighting game. We will definitely make sure that it satisfies their needs.

I couldn’t have said that better myself. All DOA5 needs to truly rock face is better graphics, music and perhaps a stronger story. I already said that not much had to change in terms of the game-play itself because it is already fairly flawless. Anyone who says the fighting system in Dead or Alive 4 isn’t solid is practically lying. All considered, I hope the team pushes the envelope with every other aspect of the title. DOA5 will hit HD consoles sometime next year.

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Kenneth Richardson

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