Team Racing League Rushes onto Steam Early Access Today

Team Racing League Rushes onto Steam Early Access Today

Turmoil developer Gamious brought its next title, a unique multiplayer racing game titled Team Racing League to Early Access today.

Netherlands based developer Gamious took to Steam today and released Team Racing League, its top-down, 3 on 3, team based racing game, in Early Access; it is currently available for $9.99.

On the game’s Steam page, the developers explain that they chose to put Team Racing League in Early Access first because they had a good experience when doing it with their previous game, Turmoil, as they can get lots of community feedback. Gamious also stated that they don’t know how long the game will be in Early Access, as they say game development can be unpredictable.

For those who don’t know, in Team Racing League two teams of three players must race against each other and attempt to cross the finish line first. The twist is that only one team member needs to cross the finish line to win, so other cars can attempt to support their teammates or fight their opponents and make sure they don’t cross first. As you can see below in the release trailer, which gives a nice overview the gameplay, Team Racing League plays much differently than most other racing games due to its unique rules.

Pim Bouman, CEO of Gamious, had the following to say about finally bringing Team Racing League to Early Access:

Team Racing League offers a new racing experience with a very competitive vibe. It provides something for everyone as you can play the game in different ways. Players will need to cooperate with their team mates if they want to win.”

You can check out the release trailer below. Team Racing League is now available on PC via Early Access on Steam.