Team Sacred Treasures In KOF XV - Why This Is Big For SNK Fans?

Team Sacred Treasures is happening in KOF XV, and we're pretty hyped about it. Hopefully SNK is on the right path and the game will deliver at release.

February 21, 2021

SNK’s Yasuyuki Oda revealed a trailer for Chizuru in KOF XV, revealing she’s forming Team Sacred Treasures with Iori Yagami and Kyo Kusanagi. And that she’s playable again for the first time in years. This was one of the coolest announcements of the 2nd Annual Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable. SNK previously baited us by revealing Joe’s trailer after the Iori one, and before the Kyo one. But Team Sacred Treasures is really happening.

SNK games and The King of Fighters series – KOF -, have some incredibly developed story lines and character backgrounds. What cool kids on the internet nowadays call “lore”. Each KOF character pretty much has more lore baggage than if you combined all isekai protags together. Speaking of which, Iori even has his own Isekai light novel. Which is genuinely good as it’s not an isekai genre-wise. A manga adaptation is ongoing too.

In KOF, Iori, Kyo, and Chizuru are all descendants of those who sealed Orochi with the Three Sacred Treasures. Kyo’s family has the Kusanagi Sword. Iori’s family has the Yasakani Jewel. Chizuru’s family has the Yata Mirror.

Each KOF tournament and game has its own story, and while Kyo and Iori already ended up working with Chizuru to defeat Orochi, they are eternal rivals and don’t get along. KOF tournaments requires you to form a 3 person team to enter. Kyo, Iori, and Chizuru, canonically/ storywise, as far as I know, have never been officially in the same team. This is why this KOF XV‘s team composition is historical.

KOF XV Chizuru Kagura And Team Sacred Treasures Trailer

Chizuru is voiced by Sayaka Ohara, an incredibly talented seiyuu who most notably voices Beatrice in Umineko. As usual, the trailers don’t show us much. And there are cuts everywhere. Though it’s not as bad as the first trailer with Shun’ei. It sucks to see how the game industry had to adapt to hype and social media, by doing these short type of trailers. But that’s the way it is.

I could tell you more about the Three Sacred Treasures in KOF but I’d first need to brush up my KOF history to be sure I don’t say any mistakes. I’m sure anyone who clicked on this and who read this far already knows that stuff anyway. Only SNK fans would click on this, so they’d know why they’re excited. But gotta SEO up those titles. If only Iori was the one at the head of Google…

KOF XV has no platforms announced yet. The game has no release date yet either besides 2021. Note that KOF XV was initially announced for 2020 but was delayed with the covid-19 pandemic, still ongoing now.

On a related note, The King of Fighters XV will also receive a short special anime directed by Masami Obari.

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