Team Sonic Racing Whale Lagoon Track and Music Based on Sonic Heroes Unveiled

Whale Lagoon, a Team Sonic Racing track inspired by Sonic Heroes, was revealed by Sumo Digital and SEGA today.

While 2003’s Sonic Heroes received mixed reception from both fans and critics at launch, it was one of my first Sonic the Hedgehog games and one of my most played titles on the original Xbox. It’s a game that has been acknowledged in previous Sonic racing games, and the upcoming Team Sonic Racing looks like it’s continuing the trend with Whale Lagoon, a new map unveiled by SEGA today.

While we’ve yet to see this course in action in a gameplay video, the released image of the course, which you can see above, clearly shows that Whale Lagoon takes some inspiration from Sonic Heroes. To accompany the reveal of Whale Lagoon, SEGA also released the music track that shares a name with and will play on Whale Lagoon.

“Whale Lagoon” is a remix of “Seaside Hill” from Sonic Heroes by Jun Senoue and Hyper Potions, and will probably instigate a wave nostalgia for you just like it did for me. You can listen to the whole music track through the YouTube video at the end of this article.

While we haven’t even seen Whale Lagoon gameplay yet, Sumo Digital and SEGA are already teasing the next track for the game. It will apparently take players “back even a few years earlier.” If you want to see DualShockers’ impressions of Team Sonic Racing, you can check out our preview from E3 2018. 

While Team Sonic Racing was originally supposed to launch for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this winter, it was recently delayed until May 21, 2019 so developer Sumo Digital could polish the game further. If you want to ensure you get a copy of the game at release, you can currently pre-order Team Sonic Racing on Amazon. 

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