Next Week, Team17 Will Announce Two Games Ahead of E3

Next Week, Team17 Will Announce Two Games Ahead of E3

Team17 is the studio behind games like Overcooked! and My Time at Portia. Next week they're announcing two new games to get the E3 party started early.

With E3 looming, publisher/developer Team17 teased today that they will be announcing two new games next week. Team17 is the studio behind games like Overcooked!, My Time at Portia, and the upcoming Hell Let Loose. They’ve shown a flair for delivering engaging and varied gameplay experiences, so, these two new announcements could be very exciting.

In addition to Hell Let Loose, the studio has two other previously announced games in development. Automachef is described as “a resource management puzzler” where you attempt to build the best automated restaurant you can. Monster Sanctuary, on the other hand, takes the classic Metroidvania gameplay and adds monsters for you to catch and train. Early looks at the game make it look like someone took Pokemon and put in a Metroidvania.

The other games Team17 has put out over the past few years have been equally diverse. What started out as a studio that basically just developed the Worms series has quickly become one of the more successful indie publishers in the game.

Personally, I’m hoping for an Overcooked! 3 announcement. The first two games have been in my regular rotation for the past few years. A third edition would be a big hit with my friend group. For the other announcement, I’m pulling for something completely new. I’d love to see what either Playtonic (Yooka-Laylee) or Villa Gorilla (Yoku’s Island Express) are working on for their next games.

Regardless of what gets announced, keep your eyes on this space for more news and info coming out as we near E3.