Techland Announces New Apocalyptic Co-op Action Game God’s Trigger

Techland Announces New Apocalyptic Co-op Action Game God’s Trigger

Techland is bringing top-down, angel and demon co-op action to PS4, Xbox One, and PC next year with God's Trigger.

Polish developer and publisher Techland — perhaps best known for Dying Light and the Call of Juarez series — has announced a new brand-new game this morning at Gamescom, a co-op action title dubbed God’s Trigger, which is due sometime early next year on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Details on God’s Trigger are currently a tad scarce, but the reveal trailer does reveal a top-down co-op action game that looks a bit like the love-baby between Hotline Miami and Dying Light.

Techland itself describes the game as a “bloodbath of apocalyptic proportions” that takes co-op teamwork to a “new level,” throwing together an Angel and a Demoness, who must work together to defeat the Four Horsemen before they destroy all life on Earth.

While some fans were surely anticipating a Dying Light sequel announcement, while others perhaps hoping for more news on the on hold Hellraid, I’m personally intrigued from what I’ve seen so far. However, currently the game’s reveal trailer is almost split-down-the-road in regards to likes vs. dislikes, so it’s safe to say reception thus far hasn’t been as smooth as Techland would have hoped for.

A price-point has yet to be divulged; however, the game is digital only, which does seem to indicate a cheaper MSRP.

Below, you can check out the new trailer: