Tekken 6 Receiving Online Fix

One of this years most anticipated fighting games that didn’t star a naked blue final boss, was Tekken 6. After years and years of waiting for the title, when it was finally released to the masses fans let out a collective sigh. It wasn’t out of relief that the game had hit shelves, it was because the game was somewhat of a disappointment. The gameplay itself (both technical and deep) was as everyone expected and it wasn’t part of the letdown. It was the online component, that many were deeming simply broken and unplayable that had to be addressed. It pleases me to announce that a fix is on it’s way. The update (which will be free of course) hits this Thursday and includes the following changes/gameplay enhancements:

• Improved input response: improvement of the game’s responsiveness to button / command inputs;
• Selectable search priorities for ranked matches:players will be able to set search priorities for opponents in ranked matches based on comparable rank or connection quality as well as location;
• Optimized data transmission between fighters and spectators: fight data will be optimized in order to reduce the bandwidth load on the host’s console;
• Signal strength bars: the signal strength bar will reflect connection quality more accurately;
• Chance to cancel match: players will be able to cancel the match before it begins once the opponent’s signal strength has been displayed on ranked matches.

If only more publishers and developers took the time like Namco Bandai to patch up broken games. The world would be a much better place!

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