Tekken 7 Arcade to Add More Characters and Stages Via Updates, New Battle System Also Announced

on October 20, 2014 11:59 AM

Tekken 7 will be coming to Japanese arcades early next year and the latest screenshots gives us some details of the features that will be available in the Arcade version. Stage gimmicks will be making a return, characters and stages will be added through updates and finally a new battle system called “rage arts” has been announced.


The left page reads:

The game will have next-gen graphics and be in full HD, will have new characters and stages, and even more characters will be added through updates. Some of the new stages will have breakable walls and floors, as well as other gimmicks.

Right Page:

For online in the arcade, you can have local vs. matches with machines near you or play against any other machine throughout japan. Though for online there will be ‘peak times’ to play that will grow as it gains popularity with players.


Left page:

New battle system: there is now something called “rage arts” that can ”turn the tide of battle”. (The text that comes with the picture on the bottom isn’t very descriptive, but it says you can return an enemy’s attack with a “power crush”, and presumably looks like a new form of counter attack)

Right page:

There will be “dan” or blackbelt ranks again, as well as your own unique title that you can make yourself. —you can also make teams and build your team level.

They are expanding the number of free services in order to help build a real community, including player registration, customization options, etc. fighting with your player card will allow you to level it up and get various rewards.

[Translation by Timothy]