Tekken 7’s New Character Geese Howard Gets Screenshots and Hilarious Extended Trailer

Tekken 7’s New Character Geese Howard Gets Screenshots and Hilarious Extended Trailer

Bandai Namco shows more of Geese Howard in Tekken 7, and trolls everyone with a funny extended trailer.

On Sunday, Bandai Namco Entertainment announced a new character coming to Tekken 7, Geese Howard from Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters.

Today, we get an extended trailer with a “live action” part at the beginning, showing Director and Producer Katsuhiro Harada as he goes to SNK to select the new character. The funny thing, aside from the hilariously staged nature of it all, is that Harada-san trolls the viewer at the end by picking Raiden instead of Geese.

It would have probably been even more funny if this trailer was released two days ago, and not today when everyone knows who the new character is.

On top of the trailer we get a batch of official screenshots showing not only the traditional Fatal Fury villain in action, but also the stage that will come with him this winter as part of the game’s second DLC.

Geese Howard is the main antagonist of the Fatal Fury series, and also appears as a villain in the Art of Fighting series. Since he is one of the most important characters of the SNK universe, he appeared in The King of Fighters games in several roles. Interestingly, he’s actually dead in the Fatal Furycontinuity, where he is killed at the end of Real Bout Fatal Fury (the scene actually appears as an Easter egg at the end of the trailer)On the other hand, he’s alive in The King of Fighters, and he appears in the recently-released The King of Fighters XIV.

You can check out both trailer and screenshots below. Tekken 7 is currently available for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and if you want to learn more,you can check out our review.