Tekken 7 Producer Clarifies that Lucky Chloe’s Asia/Euro Exclusivity Was a Joke; More Details on Shaheen

on January 3, 2015 6:13 PM

A month or so ago, Namco Bandai introduced Lucky Chloe, a new character for Tekken 7. Part of the western community reacted rather badly to her design and attitude, and Producer Katsushiro Harada responded with a rather scathing remark on western taste in video game character and mentioning that Lucky Chloe would be exclusive to Europe and Asia. Things didn’t get much better as several media outlets piled in on the controversy.

Today Harada-san clarified that it was just sarcasm, and that all players and community will get the same experience as it has always been for the Tekken series.

@HappyHappyist Because IGN didn’t read all my tweet.
Media will see only what they want to see.
Many spammers/haters attacking us (That was an extreme prejudice and tons of dirty words. Of course I hate this happen), then I said just counter “sarcasm/joke”
Anyway, We promise an experience equal for all players, communities.
Haven’t changed since the first TEKKEN.
And I hope you will understand us one day.

On top of that, we also get some more information on the hunky assassin’s from Saudi Arabia Shaheen: we learn that his name was inspired by a student from an Arabic country and by the Saudi embassy, in addition to feedback from many tekken fans.

Harada-san also explained that the draft of Shaheen’s design was created by Illusrator NINNIN, and supervised by students from Saudi Arabia.

Finally, Shaheen keeps getting attention from the Middle Eastern mainstream press. Today he got quite some space in a newspaper in Saudi Arabia.

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