Tekken 7 Receives an Exciting New Trailer Highlighting the Game’s Features

Tekken 7 Receives an Exciting New Trailer Highlighting the Game’s Features

Learn about all of Tekken 7's exciting features in this new video from Bandai Namco.

Bandai Namco released a brand new video for Tekken 7 today that highlights all of the game’s features. The video starts by showcasing various fan reactions to Tekken 7 matches, while also highlighting the fact that the Tekken series as a whole has sold 44 million copies worldwide.

It then delves into the game’s battle system. One of the biggest new additions this game brings to the series is the Rage Art; these are armored special moves that players can unleash  to deal massive damage and possibly turn the tide of their current match. Rage Drive uses the player’s rage to pull off more tactical special moves that are unique to each character.

The Power Crush is a new move that allows the player to power through enemies attacks in order to shift the momentum of the fight. Slow-motion sequences are also spliced into the battle during match ending blows in order to build tension and excitement. Tekken 7’s stages are all dynamic, as the time of day, weather, stage layout, and music can change during a fight.

Tekken 7 also features a story mode titled “The Mishima Saga“. Many of the game’s cinematic cutscenes will also seamlessly transition into gameplay when a fight occurs. There are also special Story Assists and Simplified Combos features in this mode that allow one to activate a powerful special move or combo at the press of a single button.

The game’s online modes consist of Ranked Match and Tournament Mode, and other offline modes include the classic Arcade mode, Practice mode, Special Battles, which add new elements to fight to spice things up, and Treasure Battle where player can complete a series of battles to acquire new items and fight money.

Players can use their fight money to purchase character customization items. You will also be able to customize your player profile with unique health bars and player panels. There is also a gallery mode where you can view videos from the Tekken 7, including some of the classic FMV ones from the first few games on the original PlayStation and the previously Asian exclusive Pachinko and Pachislot movies.

You can watch the video below. Tekken 7 will be availble June 2 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.