Tekken 7 Returns to the eSports Scene in Tekken World Tour 2018

Tekken 7 Returns to the eSports Scene in Tekken World Tour 2018

Tekken World Tour returns for a 2018 eSports season celebrating Tekken 7, with notable changes from last year and an explosive new trailer.

No one should count the newly-minted Tekken World Tour as down and out — in a new announcement, publisher Bandai Namco revealed that fans of Tekken 7‘s pro league competition can expect a Tekken World Tour 2018.

Revealed in an action-packed trailer, Bandai Namco focuses most of the footage of last year’s tournament and footage. The website for the tournament is rather light on details, but it does feature some quick tidbits. Tekken World Tour 2018 will similarly be divided into three regions: Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Anyone looking to catch the first round over a $5,000 prize pool can catch it at gaming tournament Final Round in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, beginning March 16-18.

As noted above, this is only the second year Tekken World Tour is running — with the first eSports tournament being a partnership with Bandai Namco and Twitch. The league was very much a promotion for the recently-released Tekken 7, which released in 2017. Last year, the prize money for the final tournament was $200,000 however it hasn’t been revealed what pro-leaguers can look forward to this year.

Another big change from last year is a notable lack of EVO support. In Tekken World Tour 2017, the winner of the famed EVO 2017 tournament automatically earned a slot in the final tournament. While EVO 2018 will include Tekken 7, no mention of EVO is made in the trailer or the current schedule.

Obviously, the underlying game for the tournament is the great Tekken 7. DualShockers reviewed Tekken 7 when it came out, awarding the near-flawless mechanics an 8.0 out of 10.

Tekken 7 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out the Tekken World Tour announcement trailer, below: