Tekken 7 Gets Slightly Weird Summer Lesson Crossover Content

Tekken 7 Gets Slightly Weird Summer Lesson Crossover Content

The arcade version of Tekken 7 is getting crossover costumes from the three Summer Lesson games. It's unknown whether they'll come to consoles.

Today Bandai Namco announced a crossover between its fighting game Tekken 7 and its definitely not-fighting Summer Lesson series.

The collaboration will bring to the arcade version of the game quite a few costumes Asuka, Kazumi, Josie, and Eliza are getting Hikari Miyamoto’s look. Xiaoyu, Katarina, Master Raven, and Nina get Alison Snow’s costume, Lili, Lucky Chloe, and Alisa, will receive Chisato Shinjo’s costume.

Some of them look like they’re stuck right in the uncanny valley, while others actually look very nice.

There are also some shoulder-mounted dolls of the three Summer Lesson heroines that can be used by all characters.

At the moment, the crossover has been announced only for the arcade version of Tekken 7. There is no information on whether the console and PC version will also get the costumes or not.

You can check out a trailer below. If you’re interested in Tekken 7, new trailer introducing Noctisyou can also check out a from Final Fantasy XV.