Tekken 7 Update 4.20 (Today, May 27): Patch Notes, Customization items, Balance Adjustments

Everything about the latest Tekken 7 update.

Today (May 27, 2021), Bandai Namco has released Update 4.20 for Tekken 7, and are here are all the official patch notes for the latest update.

Developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Tekken 7 is one of the most popular fighting games. It is the seventh main installment in the Tekken series and is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Every once in a while, the developers release an update for the fighting game to include some new content while also fixing some bugs. And the recent Update 4.20, which is out for all platforms, is no different.

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Tekken 7 – Tekken Online Challenge 2021 Trailer

Tekken 7 – Tekken Online Challenge 2021 Trailer

TEKKEN 7 Update 4.20 Patch Notes

Tekken 7 today’s (May 27) free update introduced some character customization options while addressing some in-game bugs.

Interestingly, “Season 4 Hairstyle Set” and “Season 4 Plushie Set” are now available in the game. You’ll see the new customization items after updating and restarting the game.

Other than that, “The design of ARENA stage was changed from PAC-MAN 40th Anniversary design to the original design.”

The update also introduced the “PS4 Tournaments” feature for PlayStation 4 players, who love playing the game’s online mode.

The developers fixed some system related bugs to improve the game’s general stability on all the platforms.

Last but not least, Tekken 7 update 4.20 worked on some balance adjustments for some characters. The characters affected by this change include Law, Yoshimitsu, Xiaoyu, Jin, Heihachi, Steve, Jack, Asuka, Feng, Lili, Leo, and more. You can read about the balance adjustments in detail here.

The Patch Notes for Update 4.20 also says that “Recorded battles from previous versions cannot be used after this update due to the change of battle balance.”

That’s all the changes that have arrived with the latest Tekken 7 update, and you can visit this page to read about the update in detail.

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