Tekken 7’s New Arab Character Shaheen Makes the Newspapers in Bahrain

Tekken 7’s New Arab Character Shaheen Makes the Newspapers in Bahrain

There aren’t many characters from the Middle East in video games, so it’s not so surprising that Tekken 7‘s newly announced Arab entry Shaheen is causing quite a buzz in the local community.

Katsushiro Harada’s revelation has gathered enough attention to appear in the major Bahraini newspaper Al Ayam, as you can see in the image below posted by Twitter user Omar Abul.


Twitter user ALI ALAJMI also provided a translation:

The maker of the Tekken Series, Katsushiro Harada, presented via social media the latest Tekken 7 character. His name is Shaheen from Saudi Arabia. They made him look strong and muscular in the 7th installment of the series that sold tens of millions of copies worldwide.

Harada had this idea six years ago, but he and his team were not familiar with Arabs and their culture until he visited the Arabic region and saw everything in detail himself. On August 8th, he posted on Facebook the sketch of his character and asked Tekken fans in the region for feedback. He received mostly positive responses on Facebook and on his Twitter account @Harada_TEKKEN. So he pulled his sleeves up and went with it.

The comments we’re seeing on Social media seem definitely positive, and Shaheen appears to be a quite cool character, at least judging from his looks. It’ll be interesting to hear more about him in the coming months.