Tekken 7’s New Character Looks Like An Arabic Assassin, Which Is Pretty Boss To Be Honest

on August 8, 2014 5:32 PM

Tekken 7 is in development right now. The game that was first shown at Evo 2014 has been sitting on the minds of fighting game fans, as this could potentially be the last title in the franchise.

With any new fighter, one thing people want to see are new characters, with new stories to tell.  Well it looks like Namco is taking a page out of Ubisoft‘s book, because the character design for their new character shares a strikingly similar look to that of the Assassins outfit.

What’s interesting about this is that since Altair we haven’t seen an Assassin from this region, and it really does pique our interest. On the Tekken side of things, Harada is asking for feedback from the middle eastern community so that they can be best represented with this new character.

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