Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Will Look Incredible

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Will Look Incredible


We’ve gotten to take a few glances and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and I personally love everything I’ve seen. It looks a lot like Tekken 6, but if the finished product looks that crisp, then we haven’t seen anything yet. This is even more true considering the game’s spread in this week’s issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.

Reportedly, the developers are adding new visual dynamics that will reflect a greater relationship between the characters and their environments. Examples were given, such as collecting dirt and grime from the ground when fighting in a dessert area, or getting covered in water after getting knocked down in a swamp or similar environment.

When  you consider how Tekken has always been a leader in fighting game technology, it’s weird that Namco hasn’t taken care of this yet. T32 will hit Japanese arcades later this year. It will most likely receive a North American home console release next year, though this is based entirely upon my speculation and knowledge of the series’ release history. That means that it isn’t based on fact, kids.

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