Tekken X Street Fighter May become the First Tekken Game to Use Six Buttons

on January 24, 2012 8:05 PM

The core game-play of the Tekken series revolves around a finely tuned four button control scheme, with each of the four buttons controlling either one of your fighter’s arms or legs. This limb based combat system has been implemented in just about all of the Tekken games, but Namco may switch things up considerably for Tekken X Street Fighter, the upcoming crossover fighting game dream match and counterpart of Street Fighter X Tekken. A fan asked producer Katsuhiro Harada whether the Street Fighter characters would be controlled with six buttons (as is customary for the Street Fighter series, just in case you didn’t know) or four buttons via Twitter.

Harada-san responded that he would soon be testing out a six button system for the game. He did not clarify whether or not this six button system is intended for all of the characters in the late 2012 fighter or just the Street Fighter characters, although the former is most likely. Also of note, Harada also stated that T X SF would probably contain a one-on-one match setup, similar to all numbered games in the Tekken series. This is opposed to the tag team matches found in Street Fighter X Tekken and the Tekken Tag games.

I think this would be refreshing, as the recent slew of ‘tag’ fighters has kind of softened the ‘every man for himself’ attitude that fighting games are known for. Expect more details on Tekken X Street Fighter as we crawl towards the game’s Holiday 2012 release.

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