Telling Lies E3 Trailer Gives a Glimpse Into the Lives of All Four Stars

Telling Lies E3 Trailer Gives a Glimpse Into the Lives of All Four Stars

Telling Lies is Sam Barlow's latest FMV mystery game. It delivers its narrative in deeply engaging, non-linear story-telling that you really need to play.

Telling Lies is the latest project from Her Story developer Sam Barlow and publisher Annapurna Interactive. Like Her Story, the game uses both non-linear story-telling and full motion video to spin a captivating tale. Check out the E3 trailer below.

Whereas Her Story only followed one character, Telling Lies lets you into the lives of four separate people. The game stars Logan Marshall-Green (Dark Blue), Alexandra Shipp (Straight Outta Compton and Dark Phoenix), Kerry Bishe (Halt and Catch Fire), and Angela Sarafyan (Westworld). Each of their lives has been “ruined by a terrible lie”. You will be tasked with combing through a stolen database of moments they’ve recorded to discover the game’s secrets.

It’s a mechanism that worked well for Her Story. Tracing the digital bread crumbs to get to the center of the mystery was an engaging way to deliver the story. You’d get pieces of the narrative in fits and starts, forcing you to truly pay attention to everything the protagonist said so that you could pull at every string she sat in front of you.

I could see the story becoming a little hard to follow when you add three more protagonists. That said, Barlow has given me zero reasons to doubt his story-telling and game design abilities. I have some worries about Telling Lies but will give Barlow every opportunity to prove me wrong. I can’t wait to see what he pulls together for this one.

Telling Lies is coming to iOS and PC soon. Keep it locked on Dualshockers for all the news coming out of E3.