Telling Lies - the Next Game from the Creator of Her Story - Is Out Next Week

Telling Lies, the bigger-budget follow-up to indie darling Her Story, is out next Friday.

Publisher Annapurna Interactive teased earlier this week that they had something big to announce today. They weren’t lying. Today, the release date for Telling Lies was finally revealed in a short teaser. This game is the newest release from Sam Barlow, the man behind indie hit Her Story. Fortunately for fans who’ve been waiting to play Barlow’s next game, we only have to wait a week for the game to become available.

Much like Her Story, Telling Lies will play out in the form of an interactive movie. However, this game features a larger cast, budget, and production value thanks to the team at Annapurna. So, instead of just following one protagonist through her story, you’ll see the lives of four people play out. When you start, you’re sat in front of a laptop containing the intimate details of the main characters’ lives. You’ll have access to over two years of footage to learn everything you can.

Like Her Story, you’re using various search terms to work your way through the database. So, when a certain word one character says draws your attention, you can slap it in the search box and see if anyone else has anything to say about it. This was an intriguing way to tease out a story with a single protagonist in Her Story, and I can only imagine how much more complex the tale will get with four people to follow. I’ve had my eye on this since it was announced and am excited to see how well it follows up Barlow’s excellent first release.

Telling Lies is out for iOS, Mac, and PC on August 23.


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