The Walking Dead's Melissa Hutchison Gives an Emotional Note on Telltale and the Fate of The Walking Dead: The Final Season

In the wake of Telltale Games' studio closure, actress Melissa Hutchison shared her thoughts on what may happen with The Walking Dead's final season.

Last week was a difficult one for fans of Telltale Games, as the studio officially announced that it would begin the process of a “majority studio closure” that resulted in a majority of its team being laid off. In the wake of the studio’s difficult situation, longtime The Walking Dead voice actor Melissa Hutchison — the voice of Clementine — shared her thoughts on the future ahead.

Hutchison shared a statement through Twitter reflecting on the recent news of Telltale Games’ closure, stating that last week’s developments were “one of the toughest days ever” for her and the rest of the team at Telltale Games, but that she is “very deeply moved” by the support and messages that fans of her and the studio have displayed over the past few days.

Specifically, Hutchison explained that “like most of you, [I] do not have the details on how this all came to be” as far as the circumstances that led to the studio having to reach such an abrupt state. She also added that in regard to The Walking Dead: The Final Season she does not know the exact fate of what will happen with the remaining episodes of the season, with the series’ second episode to release this week.

As far as the remaining two episodes, Hutchison said that “to my knowledge, they will release Episode 2 and then that will be it,” and added that “it hurts me that you, the fans, will not get to see Clems [sic] journey through to the end,” while also signifying that the second season of The Wolf Among Us “won’t be made.”

While Telltale Games has not officially given a statement just yet on what will happen with The Walking Dead: The Final Season and whether development on its last two episodes will continue or end, Hutchison’s statement adds some credence to the fact that the series may end up going unfinished.

Despite the hard news that her and the Telltale team have faced in the past few days, Hutchison closed out her statement on a positive note by saying that “I have gotten to give voice to one of the strongest, most iconic, most bad ass, and most loved characters in the world” in her role of Clementine throughout The Walking Dead series, and thanked fans for their continued support of the studio over the years.

You can her full statement below:

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