Telltale Games Details The Walking Dead: Season 3 Not Coming “Super Soon,” Can Expect New Content “Again Sooner”

Telltale Games Details The Walking Dead: Season 3 Not Coming “Super Soon,” Can Expect New Content “Again Sooner”

Last year, Telltale Games concluded its well-regarded The Walking Dead: Season Two on a notable cliffhanger leaving many eagerly-anticipating when to expect the third entry in the series to debut, and while the studio has yet to confirm when exactly the series’ third season will be coming, a few details from Telltale gave us at least a clearer picture.

Speaking at a panel at this week’s SXSW Festival 2015, Telltale Games director of PR Job J. Stauffer spoke at a panel with several writers from Telltale Games about the company’s latest projects, and after taking an audience member’s questions about the future of The Walking Dead, provided some insight (if only the vaguest) about where the series is heading next.

Starting at around the 40:20 mark in a video of the panel below from Telltale Games, Stauffer addressed that while the company is not yet ready to announce when we can expect The Walking Dead: Season Three and that it wouldn’t be “something you can expect to see super, super soon,” Stauffer also hinted at other content that “you can expect to see Walking Dead again sooner.”

Though Stauffer refrained from giving further details, the panel at least gives a good indication that, most likely, we could see something related to The Walking Dead to fill in the gap between the series’ second and third seasons. More specifically, it could be a good indication that we may see another downloadable episode in the vein of The Walking Dead: 400 Days, an additional episode released in Summer 2013 that filled in the gap between the conclusion of The Walking Dead‘s first and second seasons.

The Walking Dead‘s first and second seasons are available on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android – stay tuned for more details on news for Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead, and in the meantime, you can check out the video below for more details on the title (starting around the 40:20 mark):