Telltale Games Hints at Project/App Tied to the Hit TV Series Mr. Robot

Telltale Games Hints at Project/App Tied to the Hit TV Series Mr. Robot

With its penchant for episodic storytelling and engaging narratives, Telltale Games has turned many beloved franchises like The Walking Dead and (most recently) Batman into diverse episodic games, with the studio apparently having its eye on some sort of collaboration with another hit TV series.

In posts through Telltale Games’ Facebook and Twitter accounts, the company has been sharing some intriguing teasers that tie in to the hit TV series Mr. Robot, which debuted last year on USA Network and follows a prolific hacker that gets tied in to cyberterrorism against “E-Corp,” a merciless corporation drowning citizens in debt.

Specifically, the posts from Telltale shared are for an upcoming “E-Corp Messaging” app for iOS and Android, with the videos and graphics shared being within the world of the TV show. According to the teasers, the “app” will be released on August 17th, 2016 for both devices.

Both teasers date back to last month, though Telltale Games’ sharing of them definitely is intriguing, whether that means the studio is involved in some way with the “messaging app,” or perhaps (less likely) that the studio may be developing a game based around the series.

A look through also shows that the “@ecorpmessaging” account happens to be following both Telltale Games and Night School Studio, the developers of this year’s indie game Oxenfree, giving an indication that the studios may be working on something related to the series.

A tweet from Night School Studios also dropped a hint that the studio may be involved in some way:

Details at this time are very vague, though the teasers urge viewers to “follow @ecorpmessaging” for more information once the app arrives on August 16th, and then we can see what Telltale may be up to in regard to Mr. Robot.