Telltale Games Reveals New Screenshots, Art, and Info for The Walking Dead: Season 3

Telltale Games Reveals New Screenshots, Art, and Info for The Walking Dead: Season 3

While Telltale Games has been quite busy with a variety of games based on popular franchises, the studio’s The Walking Dead series is set to make its return later this year with Season 3, and some new information and images have shed a little more light on Clementine’s next chapter.

During this week’s San Diego Comic Con 2016, Telltale Games released new promotional artwork and several screenshots for The Walking Dead: Season 3, with the images giving another look at a much-older Clementine than we last left off with her, along with one of her new companions, Javier.

Telltale Games explained that “Clem is no longer being protected” as she had been in previous seasons, with her age and more hardened look on life allowing her to stand “shoulder to shoulder with mysterious newcomer Javier,” while also adding that players will be playing “as both characters,” though not necessarily within the same timeframe.

Telltale also explained on a few more aspects of The Walking Dead: Season 3:

“Another unique aspect of this third season is that while it absolutely continues the story of the previous two seasons, it also serves as a new entry point for fans who’ve yet to be caught up to speed. Players starting with this third season will be introduced to young survivor AJ, who fans will recognize as the son of Rebecca from Season Two – and we can confirm that he will be making an appearance in this season as well. So players who are new to the series will have a chance to learn more about Clementine’s backstory, while at the same time, those who haveplayed previous seasons will have a story that’s uniquely tailored to the diverging paths they’ve taken in the past.”

The Walking Dead: Season 3 will debut later in 2016 – in the meantime, you can check out several new screenshots below, along with a promotional poster from SDCC 2016: