Telltale Says That Batman PC Issues Are Largely Down to Integrated Graphics; Releases Patch

on August 4, 2016 7:51 AM

Batman – The Telltale Series launched earlier this week to generally positive reviews, but many Steam users have left negative reviews complaining about the poor PC version being almost unplayable.

According to Telltale this is an issue with the game running on integrated graphics even when dedicated is available. A statement from Telltale reads:

“We are aware that some users have experienced performance issues with BATMAN – The Telltale Series on Steam when playing on PC. Investigations indicate that many of these issues appear to have been due to running the game on integrated graphics cards rather than dedicated, or were the result of out of date drivers.”

“Special thanks to those in the community who have already helped others resolve these issues before a patch could go live.”

A patch has been released to help which defaults the game to run on your dedicated graphics card and adds graphics setting that enable to to select Higher Performance Textures or High Quality Textures. It’s probably best to check you’re running the latest drivers for your graphics card too.

Telltale concluded:

“We thank you for your patience. We will continue to investigate any performance reports as they appear, and will update here accordingly.”

You can read our review of the first episode of Telltale’s Batman series here.

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