Telltale’s Borderlands Game Will Center Around Two Unreliable Narrators

Telltale’s Borderlands Game Will Center Around Two Unreliable Narrators

Telltale Games’s upcoming Tales from the Borderlands will star two protagonists who also act as unreliable narrators throughout the series, the developer has said.

The characters, who first debuted last year at the VGX awards, were given a bit more background by the developer during a panel at SXSW. Fiona is a con artist, able to fast talk other characters while Rhys is Hyperion man who has been upgraded with cybernetics, giving him the ability to hack objects in the game.

The game that the player controls is set up as recollections by these characters. However, these recollections aren’t always reliable, and bear a resemblance to the story of the 2003 film Big Fish, Telltale’s Kevin Bruner said.

You never really play what actually happened, you’re playing this Big Fish version of what happened.

Adding to the unreliable nature of the narration, both characters are greedy and selfish. This also impacts the overall tone of the game, which will be much lighter and humourous compared to The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us, Telltale said.

Where their more recent games have featured choices between two equally terrible options, Tales from the Borderlands will instead revolve around choices between two incredibly positive things.

Telltale are still keeping quiet in terms of gameplay footage, although they have stated that Tales from the Borderlands will feature shooter elements, but with a Telltale style.

Tales from the Borderlands is set to release later this year.