Telltale’s Walking Dead Season 3 Not Coming in 2015 However Something Else Walking Dead-Related Is

on May 14, 2015 8:06 PM

We may be seeing the first effects of Telltale Games’ very crowded slate of upcoming games (Game of Thrones, Tales From the Borderlands, Walking Dead, Minecraft, a Marvel related game, and even a TV show/game hybrid).

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 3 will officially not be coming in 2015 according to Telltale’s PR manager Job Stauffer on Twitter. However, fans of the studio’s critically acclaimed series shouldn’t fret, as Stauffer went on to tease “something major” related to Walking Dead that is in fact coming this year.

No details on the project were given of course, but he did tease that we can expect news about it at E3 in just a few weeks time.

It’s possible the project may be another side story, much like how The Walking Dead 400 Days released in the span between the end of Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2.

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