Tempo Storm Are Victorious Against Team Freedom in North America HGC Playoffs

Tempo Storm Are Victorious Against Team Freedom in North America HGC Playoffs

Tempo Storm came out on top against Team Freedom in a 3-2 series and will be heading to the HGC Finals at BlizzCon.

It’s official. Tempo Storm will be representing North America at BlizzCon for the 2018 HGC Finals.

Despite its rank in the standings, Team Freedom has made it all the way to the last matchup in the North American HGC Playoffs against the second ranks Tempo Storm. While they haven’t been the most successful team in the region, they have shown potential in some instances, including being the NA team to go the furthest during Western Clash.

The momentum they have from the reverse sweep against Team Octalysis yesterday may help them pull this one out. However, the favorite to win was Tempo Storm due to its favorable record, game differential, and seeding in the Playoffs.

The first two matches saw Tempo Storm dominating. It looked as if this was going to be a quick three-game series. However, Team Freedom didn’t give up too easily as they were able to win a team fight that ended the third game with a win. After that, Team Freedom was able to get enough momentum to get this series to game five. It was a back-and-forth affair between the two teams. It looked like Team Freedom would get another reverse sweep but Tempo Storm was able to recover and dominate the late game and take the win.

Earlier today, the European HGC Playoffs concluded with Leftovers making it to the 2018 HGC Finals. The Finals will begin during BlizzCon Opening Week from October 25 to October 28. The teams who advance from the Opening Week will attempt to take it all on November 2 and 3.