Temtem Has Already Surpassed 500,000 Copies Sold

Following its early access launch one month ago, Temtem has already sold half a million copies globally.

February 21, 2020

After launching in early access exactly one month ago today, Humble Bundle has announced that its Pokemon-inspired title Temtem has already reached a rather impressive milestone.

In total, Temtem has already sold over 500,000 copies around the world. While this might not be all that impressive for larger, triple-A releases, for a game of a smaller size like Temtem that is launching as an early access product, this is actually a major win. To celebrate, developer Crema released a handful of stats from the game. Some of these included the fact that over 1.4 million Temtem have been born or bred worldwide so far, the most dangerous wild Temtem is Skunch, and the most commonly picked competitive Temtem is Kinul.

As for what’s next in the world of Temtem, Humble Bundle also revealed that Crema will soon reveal a new roadmap for the game shortly. This upcoming look at the future of the game will detail what Crema is looking to do before reaching the full launch next year. Additionally, some details of what will come after the game’s proper release are also said to be included. We’ll update you on this information once it ends up coming about.

Temtem is set to reach its 1.0 version at an undetermined time in 2021. If you want to hear what we at DualShockers think about the game so far, you can check out our video attached above.

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