Temtem Developer Throws Shade at Cheaters but Backtracks on No Appeal Policy

Temtem Developer Throws Shade at Cheaters but Backtracks on No Appeal Policy

Crema took to Twitter to detail a no appeal policy for banned Temtem users, however, the developer backtracked following backlash.

With every game that features multiplayer elements, there are always players who hack the game, or cheat because they have nothing better to do than…play the game like everyone else and earn their stripes? I don’t know, cheating just to pretend that you’re better than others is a strange ideology and as you’d expect, TemTem has suffered its fair share of cheaters.


In a series of tweets, the official Twitter account for TemTem, run by developer Crema, stated that it has just completed the first batch of banned users, with nearly 900 players being permanently banned from accessing the game. The account also clarifies that it has made sure that every banned user was a cheater or has abused exploits intentionally.

“Bans are final, we won’t answer or review any ban appeal.” seemed to be the stance the developer was taking earlier today. Later on, the account stated that it has been checking banned accounts from users claiming that they hadn’t done anything illegal to warrant the ban. Crema claimed the re-checked over 100 accounts and every single one was banned for legit reasons.

You see it all the time on social media, frustrated users who have been caught cheating and lose access to their accounts flocking to the relevant accounts and pleading innocence. It seems that Crema is being tough on cheaters in TemTem.

However, the community got a bit up in arms about the earlier statement that Grema will not answer or review any ban appeals and so another tweet was posted backtracking on the decision. While it appears as if the company still seems against the idea, it has decided to allow players to contact the company and those reaching out with appeals must add “Ban appeal” as the subject line with their in-game ID or username.

For those unaware, TemTem is an MMO title that launched in January 2020 and finds players capturing creatures. It’s similar to Pokemon. it’s available for PC at the moment with Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch versions due to land sometime. You can read what we thought about the game here.