Temtem is Out Today, Here’s a Trailer to Get You Hyped

Temtem is Out Today, Here’s a Trailer to Get You Hyped

The Pokemon-like MMO Temtem launches into early access today. The publishers at Humble Bundle have dropped a brand new trailer to celebrate.

Temtem is MMO monster-catching adventure from the developers at Crema. The game wears its Pokemon influences on its sleeve but does quite a bit to differentiate itself from Nintendo’s popular franchise. Temtem is out today in early access and publisher Humble Bundle wants to make sure you know how cool the game is with its latest trailer. Give it a watch below.

The trailer very much evokes that “Saturday morning cartoon” vibe. With excellent animation and an upbeat, pop theme song. It definitely looks like the kind of show I’d watch in a marathon over a long weekend. The trailer doesn’t actually say anything about the game though. That said, it certainly does the job of catching your eye and making you want to know more.

Temtem is, as mentioned, an MMO that takes the creature-catching from games like Pokemon and gives it a new skin. Early reports have been mostly positive and it will be fun to see how the Pokemon community takes to the game. Players have been wanting a Pokemon MMO for years now, so if this is able to fill that gap, Crema is going to have a massive hit on its hands.

If you want to check out Temtem, you can go pick it up now on PC. A console release will follow at some point. The current plan seems to be a 2021 launch on Nintendo Switch. You would assume that the other consoles would get the game around the same time. Of course, that launch window also makes PS5 and Xbox Series X likely possible landing points for the game.