Temtem, the Pokémon-Like MMO, Surpasses All of Its Stretch Goals as Kickstarter Campaign Ends

Temtem, the Pokémon-Like MMO, Surpasses All of Its Stretch Goals as Kickstarter Campaign Ends

Temtem, a massively multiplayer Pokémon-like, ends its Kickstarter campaign with a bang, earning more than eight times its initial fundraising goal.

You can learn a lot about supply and demand by keeping an eye on successful Kickstarter campaigns. While numbers like Metacritic scores and Twitter engagements can be deceiving, the amount of money a game raises on Kickstarter is an invaluable metric when it comes to analyzing current market trends. With this in mind, one can safely conclude that gamers are hungry for a Pokémon-like MMO, as Temtem finished its Kickstarter campaign with $573,939, a figure exponentially greater than the game’s initial fundraising goal of $70,000.

Under development by Crema, Temtem is a role-playing game that tasks players with collecting and battling Temtem monsters. While the game’s focus on random encounters and turn-based battles are ultimately similar to Pokémon, Temtem promises a lush online world, where players will be able to make friends, battle, and trade with other players all around the world.

Since the game’s Kickstarter campaign took off without a hitch, Temtem was easily able to fund all of its stretch goals. While the game already flaunted a ton of content before reaching these goals, the game will now also include a built-in Nuzlocke mode, an in-game arcade where players can play mini-games, in-game tournaments, and much more. Additionally, also the result of a stretch goal, Temtem will be released on the Nintendo Switch alongside the originally intended platforms.

For a complete breakdown of the game’s core content as well as its Kickstarter stretch goals, you can check out Temtem’s Kickstarter page here. While the game currently has no concrete release date, all signs on the game’s Kickstarter page point towards a Fall release. Temtem will be available on Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.