Temtem is Arriving on PS5 December 8

Temtem is Arriving on PS5 December 8

When Temtem comes to PS5 it will be in Early Access, but picking up the game now will be cheaper than when it fully releases

Temtem, the Pokemon-esque MMO that started on the PC and quickly gained popularity officially has a date for its previously announced arrival on the PS5.

Announced as part of today’s flood of information on games coming to the PS5 on the PlayStation BlogTemtem will arrive on the console on December 8, although it will be in early access. Players on PS5 will also have cross-platform play with other players on PC. It’s not clear yet whether the game will also be coming to the Xbox Series X / S or if that version of the game will also feature cross-platform play.

As an early access title though, players on PS5 won’t be able to access all of Temtem‘s content. The game’s world is divided into six islands, but at the start of early access, only four of them will be available. When the game is fully released, players will be able to play through its entire campaign in co-op and interact with any other players they meet in its MMO world.

Temtem is currently available for pre-order, with the game’s standard edition priced at $37.49 and its deluxe edition sitting at $57.49. By picking up the pricier version, players can snag an exclusive camo outfit and other extra cosmetics once the game fully releases. If you’re thinking about holding out for the game’s full release to pick it up, that may not be the best idea for your wallet. With every island added to the game, its base price will rise, eventually reaching $44.99 and $64.99 for its standard and deluxe versions respectively at release.